Modern Man

To be or not to be was Hamlets’,  But, to eat or not to eat is ours, World of colored and flavorful foods, To tingle our brain and tongue, And push us into the everlasting hell of flabbiness.
Nay! Good soul, Repent for all that goes in, For it’s not too late, Nay! Though art doomed, Repenting will not stop you, From ill-health which is leeching
There they are… Lustrously flat like the belly of a young fair maiden, Sprinkled with goodness of fertilized vegetables, And meat of hen or goat, Topped with cheese, to stay forever, Dangling in our belly, Named pizza, the first ever devil, To jeopardize man’s life
Nay! Good soul, Stop, for there are healthy options, It’s not too late, Nay! Taste of cheesy goodness, Cannot stand before Boiled fresh vegetables…
Minced meat or vegetables, round in shape, Between wife and mistress, And wetness of mayo and cheese, Made of Maida, pure sin, in every bite, But, madness continues, mostly youngsters, Named Burger, the second devil, To jeopardize man’s life
Nay! Good soul, Mom made roun…

Melancholy of Meadows

The soft music of the shepherd,
The bleating of a flock of sheep,  Melodious songs of the young shepherdess, Green Meadows spread over acres, Chill breeze over the mountains, Rare scene indeed for today’s youth,

Unheard is the songs of the farmers, Happy tunes to make mother earth greener, Pleasant melodies to reap as well as sow, In harmony with the little birds chirp on the trees, Sound of water from the nearby well attune to these songs, Rare sight of green mother earth,

Mud and thatched huts with dunk floors, Clay walls, which would melt like a farmer’s heart, Earthen vessels to cook healthy food, Food with no artificial flavoring and coloring, Families sit together for a hearty meal, Rare spectacle indeed in modern world,

Sparkling, azure blue, crystal clear river water, Flowing down the lane, with a musical note, Young village women singing tunes of beloved, Bathing and filling their mud pots with water, Laughter and merry all around the place, Rare sight indeed in our concrete jungle,

Laughter of youn…

Beggar’s Eye

Day in and day out doesn’t make a difference,
I sit all day on the pathway,
Different people different nature,
Few with sparkling jewelry but not a penny to spare,
Few care to share from a broken wallet,
I blame none for this is my job.

My one and a half legs,
Stinking, torn and dirty clothes,
Dark skin unwashed for many years,
Inability to work and longing for one square meal,
Put together makes me a beggar.

No, I was not born to beg,
Nor was I the raja of Travancore,
Born with God’s gift deformity,
I ask goddess that I see every day, as I beg outside,
Why my mother threw me off,
And why I grew up digging the garbage box,
Envying people with two legs and parents,
What harm did I do,
For fate to be so harsh on me?

I see men and women passing by me,
It is not my fancy to beg,
For some say I am young and could work to earn,
If I had why I would pose in shame,
I cry out in hunger for a coin or two,
As people move unmindful of a fellow human,
Like a great favor few throw coins away from me,
I drag myself to pick th…

Mail to the Mighty God

I am an ordinary woman,
Like every single one here,
Never do anything forbidden,
Mother of two, with a tear,
Was slender and cool like a cucumber,
Now more like a melon swollen an acre,
Glow and beauty devoured by my own flesh,
I wish like the computer there was a refresh,
To bring back the lost blush and finery,
And the everlasting glorious smile as a jewelry,
I am an ordinary woman…

I am an ordinary woman,
Like every single one here,
Never do anything forbidden,
Mother of two, with a tear,
Like Cinderella singing merrily,
Tweeting with the birds queerly,
Love brought more blush to my cheeks,
Like an innocent maiden happiness on the peeks,
Marriage and children a blessing indeed,
But, God why did you sow a weed,
I am an ordinary woman…

I am an ordinary woman,
Querying you lord, oh mighty,
Why do you strip us of our beauty?
Like a carrot and stick,
You give motherhood with a prick?
I am no actor to wax and wane,
I am just an ordinary woman…

I am just an ordinary woman,
My endless search for my glorious mane,

Between you and me

I see you every day, Busy with your work, Doing your chores searching a prey, Though you choose to merk, An insignificant creature, Always, a woman’s night mare
You wander around, Some time under the mixi, Or run about on the ground, Totally driving me crazy
Engulfed in business, I dare not leave you unattended, For you tend to use your wiseness, And try to taste my dishes already tested
Coward’s last brave decision, When life shuts down its doors, A battle of life’s game to end in precision, Wrath of fate at its core, Humans tend to fall a prey, And hug the evil hands of ugly death, You always stay at bay, Never to jump on a wall with gay
For fate is the same, Between you and me, You stand on the wall and say tap, tap, tap... And I stand on ground to dance to fate tap, tap, tap...

My little bride

Today, I am a proud father,
Walking the aisle with the little princess,
The little bride to be…
The little fairy born with cherry colored toes,
On a cloudy day to bring showers in my life,
A blessing of my life….
There was nothing sweeter than her smile,
No fancy poem can ever describe her beautiful walk,
She was most beautiful flower in my life’s garden…
Feeding her a morsel of food,
Was not even equal to all the finest food filling my stomach,
I wonder if it is elixir of life…
When she walked off to school,
Her bag carried my heart away with her,
I saw my mother in her eyes…
Years passed by,
But still my daughter remained a little princess to me,
The same as what I saw her on that cloudy day…
When she graduated,
No other dad than me would have felt so proud,
With my eyes clicking snaps for my heart’s memory…
The shirt with her first salary,
Proved to be the best even amidst all my finest suits,
I still remember the day when I boasted to all my friends…
When she spoke for me against…

Bleeding Rose

Beauty of an angel,
Dressed in all fineries of white,
Your bright, beautiful eyes,
Crystal clear Cleopatra like skin,
All hidden under the veil,
Like the clouds hiding the bright Sun.

Memories of us playing,
In the same lord’s house,
Childhood friendship blooming into love,
No lawn left without our presence,
No flowers left untouched by us,
Like the rain drops’ kiss on earth.

Today you walk all alone,
As a bride without me beside,
Those sweet talks and kisses,
Dissolved in my blood as memories,
Creating waves of disagreement to fact,
Like a wave I come again and again to you my shore.

I know your heart aches,
For those memories which haunt you,
Those memories don’t remain sweet anymore,
It is just like a drop, in your ocean of memories,
Unlike me it’s like a drop of honey amidst salty memories,
Like a bee who collects honey for human to enjoy,
I am here with my tears to be presented,
As your wedding bells ring,
I twitch and turn, like a bleeding rose,
Here I part with the heart which had beat,
Only for you and n…