Tuesday, August 03, 2010

My little bride

Today, I am a proud father,
Walking the aisle with the little princess,
The little bride to be…
The little fairy born with cherry colored toes,
On a cloudy day to bring showers in my life,
A blessing of my life…
There was nothing sweeter than her smile,
No fancy poem can ever describe her beautiful walk,
She was most beautiful flower in my life’s garden…
Feeding her a morsel of food,
Was not even equal to all the finest food filling my stomach,
I wonder if it is elixir of life…
When she walked off to school,
Her bag carried my heart away with her,
I saw my mother in her eyes…
Years passed by,
But still my daughter remained a little princess to me,
The same as what I saw her on that cloudy day…
When she graduated,
No other dad than me would have felt so proud,
With my eyes clicking snaps for my heart’s memory…
The shirt with her first salary,
Proved to be the best even amidst all my finest suits,
I still remember the day when I boasted to all my friends…
When she spoke for me against the neighbors in a feud,
I knew she was not only my daughter, but also,
A son who would defend my old age…
I never knew time would fly fast,
When it was time to part my angel,
The little angel around whom my world revolved…
Today, as we walk together the ale,
I am a proud father, gifting my daughter,
For a future that awaits her…
Only then I understood,
A man is born again, when he becomes a dad…

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Bleeding Rose

Beauty of an angel,
Dressed in all fineries of white,
Your bright, beautiful eyes,
Crystal clear Cleopatra like skin,
All hidden under the veil,
Like the clouds hiding the bright Sun.

Memories of us playing,
In the same lord’s house,
Childhood friendship blooming into love,
No lawn left without our presence,
No flowers left untouched by us,
Like the rain drops’ kiss on earth.

Today you walk all alone,
As a bride without me beside,
Those sweet talks and kisses,
Dissolved in my blood as memories,
Creating waves of disagreement to fact,
Like a wave I come again and again to you my shore.

I know your heart aches,
For those memories which haunt you,
Those memories don’t remain sweet anymore,
It is just like a drop, in your ocean of memories,
Unlike me it’s like a drop of honey amidst salty memories,
Like a bee who collects honey for human to enjoy,
I am here with my tears to be presented,
As your wedding bells ring,
I twitch and turn, like a bleeding rose,
Here I part with the heart which had beat,
Only for you and never to beat anymore.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh My Ladylove!!!

As I sit by the shore and watch,
The gentle waves kiss my feet,
Just like the way I first kissed you,
A deep carving in my heart that you had left,
Of love and love only deep in my heart,
Which, still aches and pains,
Even after years of us parting,
Oh my ladylove!!!

I still remember the day,
When our eyes met first,
My eyes refused to move from you,
Those beautiful eyes and slender figure,
That bright face and pink lips,
Which, haunted my eyes for years,
Even now it’s those eyes which makes me write,
Oh my Lady Love!!!

Sweet memories of those days,
When I wooed you,
Everything was beautiful,
From the little drops of rain to huge rocky mountains,
As I saw them in the same eyes which admired you,
Only beauty and all happiness prevailed for years,
Until the day we parted,
Oh my ladylove!!!

Unfortunate day of my life,
A beautiful rainy day,
When we walked hand in hand drenching,
In both love and rain,
Cupid and you dad were on road,
Which, marked the end of rain and love,
Oh my ladylove!!!

Days passed by in your absence,
I still remember your tear filled eyes,
With an invite to prove your love,
For your dad balanced heavier than mine,
And we parted, never to meet later,
You erased all the kisses and feelings in you,
Oh my Ladylove!!!

I am still a lost kid,
Searching for you,
With a heart carved with love aching for you,
Oh my ladylove!!!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Get Back

I want to get back to those days,
Those days when dad was the only hero known,
Those days when the highest place to sit was dad’s shoulder,
Those days when mom’s one morsel of food filled my stomach,
Those days when little bubbles and butterflies were the most beautiful things.

Golden moments that I had lived by,
When school teacher was the only demon known,
When home work was the only herculean task,
When I dreaded only school tests,
When work meant only to clean my room.

Ever green in my memory those days,
When only scrapped knees hurt,
When broken meant only my toys,
When love was only parents,
When fight was only with my sister.

I want to get back to those days,
When living alone was not a pain,
When a cup of coffee all to me was good,
When I had just me to take care,
When life was spotless.

Sweet are those memories,
Deep in my heart like an old album,
With black and white pictures in it,
Though old it is my most precious moments,

I want to get back.

Just a Bubble

Just a Bubble
As I walk through the tough path,
Laden with thorns and stones,
With aches and trouble,
You came by and promised to stay by,
Walk with me, hold me,
We shared hassles and apples on the way,
Even blunt with the pleasures of nature,
Though your company pricked and pained,
I preferred to undergo for,
My love for you was crystal clear,
Many a wakes of life people smite me,
For the untold pains that I underwent for you,
Yet I brushed them aside,
For I thought your company is eternal,
Mine trust for you was more eternal,
Little did I know that you walked along just to while away time,
Like a honey bee you moved,
With no thought of my trust to you,
And the pain that I had succumbed for you,
Little did you understand that you were hurting me,
And would do that eternally,
You walked away from me forgetting your promise,
Just like a soap bubble your love broke,
Letting out my blood to flow.

My bundle of joy

One fine spring morning,
My happiness knew no bounds,
A little creature, God’s blessing in me,
A small drop of tear and sweet smile took over my darling.

A world of difference,
Everything seemed colourful and beautiful,
Though nothing tasted good,
Those eventful days

Small strolls with my love,
Nauseating mornings,
Sweet smelling soaps,
Little chats with the angel in me

300 days of waiting,
10 months of dreams,
8 hours of physical trauma,
All just to see you...

With a twinkling eyes,
As dark as Cleopatra,
A beautiful smile to dethrone the whole world,
You were born my little bundle of joy.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The IT guy

Quarter past twelve,
I walk in my own house like a thief,
Slowly eat whatever I find on the dining table,
Slip into my bed,
Cautious not to wake my wife,
Fast asleep like a little angel.

It has been ages,
Since I saw her awake in the nights,
My new born hardly sees my face on weekdays,
Many a weekend I refused to put him down,
For the next five days I wouldn’t get a chance,
To hold God’s gift to my heart.

In my fear,
To hold my job for my family,
Eighteen hours of work a day,
Sleepless nights,
Rat race with my own friends,
What a life I live.

Yes, I earn more,
More than my teacher father,
Artist brother and house wife sister,
I could never earn their life’s satisfaction,
They call me the IT guy.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ode to my Daddy

I walk down through my memory lane,
Not too far off, just till the day when I recognized you,
Daddy, you are my hero in merry and pain,
Your index finger that I held during the walks on dew,
The little stories that you said of kings and queens,
I remember even the whacks that you gave for my future,
So many memories daddy, that has made me what I am now,
Many a good things that you had for me went unseen,
You are my first admirer for all the little poems I author,
You have always been the source for me to feel endow.

Daddy, you are my guide for me to learn this world,
In every walk of life, I have felt your strong shoulder safeguarding,
You have been with me whenever my dreams whirled,
And always told me that there would be something better waiting,
Dawn to dusk I have bathed in your love,
Like a prodigal daughter unfathomed, I have brushed you aside,
But yet like a guardian angel you have always bestowed blessings,
You have always been there for me and so no one shoved,
Dad, with you besides me, my life has always been a joyride,
If not for you daddy there would have never been these writings.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Unfair Luck

Dog and I have not much difference,
Both of us stand waiting,
Not for showers of rain,
Or blessings from heaven,
But for a piece of Dosa,
That the small road-side vendor would throw,
The anticipation was would victory be mine or dog’s,
If it be dog’s, he would put it on the road and eat,
If mine I would give to my kid there on the platform.

Everyday this is my routine,
My tough war with the brown dog,
I have no strength to shoo him away,
And grab the bounty thrown by the vendor,
I leave my kid on the platform waiting with hunger,
If a Dosa change shape or become burnt,
Me or the dog is in luck,
We wait eagerly looking at the vendor’s hand,
There are days when the vendor never has a mishap,
When both me and the dog curse our luck.

Today might not be so,
Praying all the God’s that I know,
I was sitting along with the dog,
Looking carefully at the vendor’s hands,
For a long time there was no luck,
Suddenly hearing the screech of the pan,
I was assured a burnt dosa,
With all concentration I looked at the vendor,
The throw was perfect and so was the catch,
The dog caught the Dosa, while death caught me.

To get that one mouth of burnt Dosa for my kid,
I fell before a bus with the Dosa in my hand,
Just to see the dog grab it away from me,
As the unfair luck smiled at me,
Letting me die and my kid hungry and motherless…